Turbo Stars – Rival Racing

Turbo Stars – Rival Racing

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Get ready for Turbo Stars, the coolest high-speed skateboard racing game ever! Race through super exciting tracks, zoom past your opponents, and give karting a whole new spin in this awesome, fast-paced game.

High-speed races: Dash through thrilling and colorful tracks with up to 11 opponents. Think quick, collect items for an advantage, dodge obstacles to stay safe, and do awesome tricks for extra coins. Zoom past everyone, even send opponents flying through the air to take the lead! Just watch out not to get knocked off your skateboard yourself.

Customize and upgrade: Collect as many coins as you can to unlock new stuff. Get new tracks, boards, gear, power-ups, and give your character a totally cool look. Defy gravity, grab coins, and be the ultimate Turbo Star! Hop on your board and race to victory!


  • Speed through thrilling races on all kinds of colorful tracks.
  • Level up to get power-ups and be ahead of other racers.
  • Customize your character with awesome skins, emotes, and tricks!
  • Collect coins, rubies, and keys to get super cool new items.

Get ready to race, perform tricks, and become the ultimate Turbo Star! It’s time to grab your board and go for victory!

Just Have Fun!

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